Welcome, you're now at the home page of my site. I'm Brandon Rising and I thank you for visiting. It's mostly a place for others to partake of my knowledge. I've also included some files for you that will help with your own designs.

I've made a NEW place for my tutorials. This website will still be used, but the new one is just to contrast with this one. So head on over and check out the stuff I've put up there. http://www.design-portfolio.net

On another note, sorry about all the ads. I've gotten into the Google Adsense program it will help bring in some money, hopefully I can get my own domain. So if you'd like to help me out in getting my own domain, or if you know anywhere I can get the following services:

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please email me: Canadian87@gmail.com
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Thanks for visiting, Brandon Rising.

Latest additions:

Tutorial: XP Bar

Tutorial: Good Glass

Tutorial: Navigation Bar

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