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So you have questions about me? Well this biography is going to be more like a Question and Answer that I give myself. I always love that format.

So here they are.

What is your full name?
Brandon Kyle Rising

When were you born?
November 28th, 1987

How did you get started in Web & Graphic Design?
Well I started when I was 10. I remember my first web page was a lot of images I got from an old website I think it was bellsnwhistles.com something like that and I just kind of threw a bunch of images an text togethar. I took 5 computer coarses in High School, Computers I, Business Systems & Technology (BST I), and Web Design I, II, and III.

How do you improve your skills as a Web & Graphic Designer now?
Since I do not have a teacher and I'm too lazy to take out a book and start from page 1, I surf the internet looking for designs I like or tutorials that seem like they could be useful, and when I get an idea, which can be in the form of a website name or just a general design theme I take everything I've learned from those other sites and tutorials and apply them.

So you steal your stuff?
No, I simply recreate designs and implement my own style to them including colors and ideas using photoshop.

So you steal your stuff and change it a bit?
I dont copy anyones images then improve them, all mine are done from scratch.

Can you do anything other than web design or graphics like MySQL or something else pertaining to databases?
No, sadly I cannot really do anything in that area, atleast nothing that someone would want on their website, I will be going to college for things like that hopefully I'll be getting deeper into the Web Programming world.

So where are you from?
Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Can you juggle?
Crap no.

How long does it usually take for you to come up with an "idea"?
I usually don't plan anything unless I'm instructed to, the things I do on my leisure time are all very random, which includes this site. I actually had no idea I was going to have an upside down triangle thing for a header is just kinda happened that way.

You like shiny things don't you?
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ya, I really love the reflective look on websites I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I do. But also a clean cut boxed look is nice on professional business type websites.

How fast could you whip togethar a decent website?
An hour, and it would be decent. But give it a few days or maybe one if I'm really commited and I can throw togethar well.. this website. I put this togethar in less than 24 hrs. all my pages are created except the Contact page, and I'm writing this right now.

Is there anything you think you can do better than most other web designers?
I have great color coordination, I can look at a few colors and say, "Those go togethar." I've been to plenty of websites that are too cruddy. I always hope that they haven't paid for them. Because I do my websites for fun half the time and I know I could improve them for a small fee.

So you're greedy?
Nope, I definitely charge less than most "good" web designers, some people who cannot string togethar a good sentence and color coordinate whatsoever will make you a website for pennies. But then you are going to get one of those websites that make me wanna cry. I have found a nice balance between my skills and the appropriate pricing of them.

What has been your favorite site you've done?
I'd have to say Spinedesigns was my favorite. I made it sort of as a portfolio and I loved the look. I soon realized that the page wasn't very scalable. The text would stretch out the images or ruin the page somehow so I had to chalk it up in the 'Great but won't work' category.

Why didn't you remake it?
It's like trying to remake the puddle on the ground, no matter how hard you try there will always be something thats not quite the same, and so I've decided not to redo that page for fear that I would only walk down a long path of frustration. Original designs are also much more fun for me as I find new ways to create visual candy.

Visual Candy?
When you look at something that is just so fantastic it makes you smile, I call it Visual Candy, most people call it Eye Candy, but I am not a cyclops, and Eyes' Candy just sounds funny.

Are you out of questions?
Yes, and I thank you for reading. If I have any more questions for myself I'll make sure to ask them. Also, if you have any for me that you'd like to see posted under this section I'll make sure to answer them and post them here in an Amendment section :).

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