So you wanna touch me? I mean, get in touch with me.

Well here are a few simple yet very effective ways to contact me on a personal basis.

E-Mail for those of you who are new to this "Internet" thing that stands for Electronic mail. You can get you're own E-Mail address quickly and easily from yahoo.com or msn.com and many other sources. Once you've signed up you can start sending me e-mails at Canadian87@gmail.com

Another new but fantastic technology is Messengers. I happen to use three so here they are all listed for you, although I used the AOL Instant Messenger most often.

1. AOL Instant Messenger - Can8ian87
2. MSN Messenger - LadiesMan1987@hotmail.com *don't ask it was a while ago.
3. Yahoo Instant Messenger - Brandon75920@yahoo.com *The numbers mean nothing.

Finally you can telephone me. I'm sure if you REALLY want to you could look up my number the internet is an amazing place with information floating everywhere. Sadly my number is not floating here. So go find it floating elsewhere.

I'll be putting up some forums soon so you can then contact me there as well check back often and when the FORUMS link pops up at the top of the page be sure to go and give it a gander.

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