To tell you the truth I don't think I've had any questions yet. But I'll just pose the questions I think would be most frequently asked if any had been asked at all.

How you be so cool?
Well, that's real nice of you to ask but I just can't be sure how.

Can you make me a website for free?
I don't know can you make me a website for free?

How many friggin questions are you gonna ask yourself?

When did you first get into web design?
I believe I was ten years old when I first started to dabble in web design, although it wasn't much because I was writing it all in notepad, so everything was centered. and it was a long jumble of images mostly bars from an old graphics website.

What are your plans for this website?
I'm going with the flow, I've started to look into a little more advanced things like reselling of hosting plans. I've also been toying with video tutorials. I had a really good 42min one, cut into 10min slices, except the last was 12min, but then I deleted the first one.

Whats the secret to your website?
42, and I really enjoy toying with graphics in Adobe Photoshop. So I often start building headers and stuff then I form the rest of my site around it. Although as the site grows it gets more and more difficult to do complete overhauls of the site.

If I wanted you to make me a website how much would it cost?
It would depend on the difficulty of the site. If you want something simple maybe 1 to 3 pages about your life or something, $20 would be ok, but if you want me to build my website for you, $100 seems like a fair price to me. But, my websites are only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for them. So I take offers.

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