Although I am not allowed to give you access to the TOPEST OF TOP SECRET files I can give you access to the other stuff. You're here for the files, and the files are here for you. Please enjoy, but put them back where you found them when you're done. Thanks.

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To set as wallpaper. Click the size you need, right click the large image. Set as Background.

Essence of P

Essence of P - Widescreen

Photoshop Glass & Bar Gradients
Size: 574bytes
File Type: .rar
Requirements: Adobe Photoshop
Description: There is a small compilation of the gradients I've made to mimic real world surfaces for Glass and Bars. These are great for navigation bars.

Photoshop Glass Surface Styles
Size: 915bytes
File Type: .rar
Requirements: Adobe Photoshop
Description: 3 Glass surface styles I made. They are all pretty much the same I've just pre-tinted 2 for you and left one grey. Red, Blue, Grey glass surfaces. They can be easily modified to be other colors by changing the Color Overlay and the amount of Opacity. Great for use on navigation bars and buttons.


My Original Navigation Bar
Size: 36.8kb
File Type: .rar
Requirements: None
Description: These are the original navigation bar images for this website. If you liked it here you go :). It includes all 3 sets of images, so you have a lot of options on how you want to set it up. Red base, with a bright hover? grey base with a red hover?! whatever you wanna do with it. All these images are .jpg, so if you just want the bars you'll have to take the navbar_01.jpg and duplicate it to the size you need.

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