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First you'll need an LCD screen, and some soldering skills. Well maybe not make your own iPod, but it will be just like their representation on ipod.com.

2Step 1:
Draw yourself an outline using the Rounded Rectangle Tool.

Set the Radius to 20px to get the nice rounded edges of the iPod.


Step 2:
Right click and select "Make A Selection" to make your outline into a selection marquee.


Step 3:
Make a new layer and fill in the marquee so you now have a black ipod shape.



Step 4:
Select the "Polygonal Lasso Tool". Hold down the Alt key and draw a diagonal line across the marquee from top left to bottom right, then drag it to the left side, and attach it back up at the top left. This will cut the marquee apart.


3Step 5:
Make a new layer, fill in the cut selection with a gradient from top to bottom. The gradient should be White to opaque. Like the image to the left. Set the layer opacity to 75-80%


Step 6:
Apply a Stroke to the black ipod layer with a nice metal type gradient. One can be found on the Files page.


Step 7:
Insert an image to the center of the iPod image. Try and make it look like a regular size screen depening on how big your outline was.



Step 8:
Ctrl+Click the image layer, go to Select > Modify > Expand and expand the selection by 2-3. Select the black ipod layer and press delete. You should have an image like the one above.


Step 9:
Now for the red wheel. Draw a perfect circle roughly the size of the red wheel, this also depends on how large your ipod outline is. Make a new layer and fill this in with a pure red color.


Step 10:
Before centering this you'll want to make the small hole in the middle. Create a small circle by holding Shift and dragging the Circle selection tool.

Make sure you have the Red Wheel layer selected and center it vertically and horizontally. Then click Delete.



Step 11:
To center the wheel, ctrl+click the black ipod layer, select the Move Tool, and click Align Horizontal Centers.


5Step 12:
For the text "MENU" I used
Font: ITC Franklin Gothic
Style: Book
Size: 12 pt
Anti-Aliasing: Smooth

I set it 10px from the top of the circle.

For the other symbols I just drew an arrow and used the skew tool to get a similar shape to the ipod.com site.







6Step 13:
Merge all the layers except your background color layer.


Step 14:
Duplicate the ipod image layer


Step 15:
Flip the new layer vertically by going to Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical.


Step 16:
Move the upside down ipod down to the bottom of the other to the point where their bottom grey lines become one.


Step 17:
Enter Quickmask Mode, select the gradient tool and drag from the bottom of the red wheel on the upside down image to the top.


Step 18:
Press delete 4+ times depending on how long you want the glass reflection to be.


Step 19:
Set the opacity of the upside down layer to 50% and you're done.

And there you have it.. You're very own iPod U2 Edition.

I'll try and post a tutorial on how to make the laying down version. Once I figure out how to do it myself :).


My Completed Version:



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