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Tutorial - Glass Header
Total Steps: 25

Glass Header

This is hopefully what you'll be able to accomplish with this tutorial.

If this isn't ANYTHING like what you're looking for I'd suggest closing this window and killing yourse.... just kidding.. Just go on back to the tutorials page and look for something more suitable.

I think I'm going to take this in as incremental steps as possible. Although it will make MORE steps, they will be quick and painless. Like a shot to the head. maybe not.

Step 1:
Make a new document preferably a bit bigger than what you need. I just do 800x600 to give me all the space I need and trim down later. Fill the base layer with black.

Step 2:
Grab the rr_image Rounded Rectangle tool. Set the Radius to 20 px.

Step 3:
Draw a rectangle roughly the size you need for your header.

Step 4:
Right click and make this a selection.

Step 5:
Create a New Layer

Step 6:
Select the new layer and fill the selection with black. Name this "Black Rectangle"

*for the next step you'll need to make a 3x3 grid. heres a quick way how to make this pattern.

1. New Document - 3px by 3px. *transparent bg.
2. draw 3px down the middle any color. and 3px across the middle.
3. Edit > Define Pattern > NAME IT.

Step 7:
Make a New Layer name it "Grid"

Step 8:
Ctrl+Left Click the layer "Black Rectangle"

Step 9:
Select the Paint Bucket Tool. Change the fill to Pattern. select the new 3x3 grid. and fill the "Grid" layer.

Step 10:
Go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation OR (ctrl+u). Set the Lightness to +7

Step 11:
Merge the layers "Grid" and "Black Rectangle" go to Image > Merge Down

Step 12:
Open up the layer Blending Options. Right click "Black Rectangle" > Blending Options OR Layer > Layer Style > Blending Options

Step 13:
Set the Bevel Emboss to the following settings:

Here comes some of the "tricky" stuff. you should have this sort of image so far:
Step 14:
Ctrl+Left Click the "Black Rectangle" layer. Go to Select > Modify > Border.
Set that to 15px.

Step 15:
Make a New Layer call it "Glassy Glasserton" or something along that line.

Step 16:
Set your foreground color to white. Select the Gradient tool. Select the Foreground To Transparent type gradient. Drag the gradient in a straight line from the left outter edge to just past the left inner edge. You should end up with:

Step 17:
Repeat this on the right and bottom edges. until you get this:

Step 18:
Now select the Circular Selection Tool. Hold the Shift key starting from about 10-20px above the far left edge pull over to 10-20px in on the far right edge. You should have this:

Step 19:
Once again with your gradient tool drag from the top of the marquee to just passed the bottom to achieve this:

Step 20:
Grouping the Glass layer with the Black Rectangle Layer. To do this go to Layer > Group with previous. Or Press Ctrl+G. You should have the following:

Thats the hardest part done :)... YAYYYYYYY!!!! I suppose if you're lazy you could stop here. I mean it looks ok. But I'd continue it gets better.

Step 21:
Ctrl+Left Click the "Black Rectangle" Layer. then Remove the top portion leaving about 1/5th of the bottom selected. Zooming in to make sure that you are just past or just over one of the grid lines. The following 2 images show what I mean.

Step 22:
Create a New Layer name it "Black Bottom". Select the Paint Bucket tool and fill the selection with black. Set the layer opacity to 30%.

Step 23:
De-select everything.
Create a new layer name it "White Top".
Ctrl+Left Click the "Black Rectangle" layer
Alt+Ctrl+Left Click the "Black Bottom" layer.

Step 24:
Set your foreground layer to white.
Get the Gradient Tool
Set the gradient type to "Foreground to Transparent"
Drag from the bottom the selected area to just past the top.

7Step 25:
Set the "White Top" layer opacity to 30%
Set the "Bottom Black" Layer to group.
(Press ctrl+G or go to Layer > Group With Previous)
Do the same for the "Top White" Layer.





The Complete Project.
*click for the FULL sized image.

That's all folks. You can add your text, mess with the layer opacity. Go grab something to eat. Whatever floats your boat. Anyway, thanks again for reading along I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions you can mail Canadian87@gmail.com or head on over our forums, the link is at the bottom of this section.


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