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Tutorial - Glassy Header for white or black background.
Steps: 36

I used the following items:
Program: Adobe Photoshop 7
Font: Visitor TT2 BRK font (click here to download)

Step 1:
Create a new document dimensions 600x70, white background.


Step 2:
Create a New Layer (tool_newlayer) or (Layer > New > Layer...) or (Ctrl + Shift + N)
Name this layer: bar


Step 3:
Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool (tool_marquee)or (M)
Set the Style to Fixed Size, Width: 600 px, Height: 19
Drag the marquee to the top of the image.
Fill it with white.


Step 4:
Select the Gradient Tool, use the Foreground to Opaque gradient.
Using a Black Foreground drag a line from about 5px from the top to about the same distance past the bottom of the marquee.


Step 5:
Right Click the bar layer and select Blending Options
or (Layer > Layer Style > Blending Options)
Click on the Inner Glow box and use the following settings:


Click OK and it should look like this

Step 6:
Select the lowest layer.
Create a new layer
Select the bar layer
Go to: (Layer > Merge with Previous) or (Ctrl + E)

Step 7:
Select the bar layer
Create a new layer, call it Glass Bar Top
Hold Alt and drag the marquee to where the top line cuts the original selection in half.


Step 8:
Press the Up directional key two(2) times.
Fill the selection with white.
Set the Glass Bar Top layer opacity to 50%.


Step 9:
Go to: (Select > Deselect) or (Ctrl + D)
Press: (Shift + M) to choose the circular marquee tool.
Draw an oval starting from off the image canvas from the top left to achieve this:


Keep it as centered as possible. To help check the distance of the marquee sides from the edge of the image. It doesn't have to be exact. just close.

Step 10:
Create a new layer, name it: faded glass
Set the layer opacity to 30%
Select the Gradient tool, use the Foreground to opaque gradient.
Draw a straight line from the top to the bottom.


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clicking on an ad helps support my work.

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