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Tutorial: You're OWN xp navbar.
Steps: 4

Step 1:
Making the gradient follow these steps.
Select the gradient tool 1 then click on the current gradient. Set the opacity on both ends to 100%.


-Set the point colors as follows. Starting from the left going to the right.

1. Color: 7D7E99 - Location: 0%
2. Color: FFFFFF - Location: 5%
3. Color: 9A99B1 - Location: 16%
4. Color: B8BCC5 - Location: 43%
5. Color: ECEBEC - Location: 87%
6. Color: E4EFE3 - Location: 91%
7. Color: 83829D - Location: 96%

Type in a name for the gradient and click NEW, this will save your gradient like so:


Step 2:
With the rectangular selection tool 2 selected set the style to: Fixed Size. You can set the width to whatever you want but keep the height as 30px.

Step 3:
Personally I find the actual bar a little bland and you can add a nice looking glass effect by cutting the marquee in half horizontally like so:


Step 4:
Create a new layer 3. Set the Layer opacity to: 40%
Fill in the selection with white using the paint bucket tool 4.


There you have it, your very own shiny XP bar. You can add text 6, slice up the image 5, and use the hue/saturation (ctrl + u) and make a sweet roll over bar like so:

I bought you some candy... but I eated it.Life is like a box of chocolates... But I eated it.And a Partridge in a pear tree... but i eated it.All the kings horses and all the... I eated it.

If you have any questions email them to me at Canadian87@gmail.com THANKS!


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