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This is the section where I, being so fantastical, bestow information upon you, being not so fantastical. Each tutorial has a small 40x40 image placed next to the description to give you a tiny view of whats inside. Please run around and enjoy the varitable garden of tutorials.

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Tutorial: Swirl Header
Length: 10:02
This is my first video tutorial to be posted. It will show you how to create a cool swirl header for a website. Please email me any comments or questions. Canadian87@gmail.com Thanks.
swirlheader image


Tutorial: Learn To Make My Site
This is my newest longest tutorial. I believe it will be my longest tutorial I ever make. It has 50 steps but, in those 50 steps you get a Gigantic shot of information. This tutorial will show you how to make a website from scratch. I used Adobe Photoshop 7 and Macromedia Dreamweaver 8. Here's the list of things I go through.

- Navigation Bar creation
- Header Creation
- Background creation
- Html Creation
- Placement of the tables and information inside them
- Coding to center the page and the background


So if you're up to the challenge, and you want a website that's similar to mine. Here is your chance. 4hrs of my hard work. 50 steps. 5 pages of information. 1 great tutorial. Enjoy.

Tutorial: Black Glass Navigation Bar
A large tutorial showing you how to make a fantastic black glass navigation bar. Includes the creation of the image, inserting the images and making it a great rollover bar.

7Glassy Navigation Bar - This tutorial will teach you how to make a nice glass looking navigation bar that will also look like it's sitting on top of a glass surface.

Steps: 20


8Quick Glass - A fantastic tutorial showing you how to make a glass surface that can withstand the test of time, and take up as little of it as possible to make.

Steps: 3


11A windows xp navbar - This tutorial will give you all the info on how to make your own windows xp bars and also show you a nice version of the bar with roll over.
Steps: 4

9Shiny Thumbnails - Wanna see what your thumbnails would look like with a nice shine? Thumbnail being another term for a smaller version of a large image. Look no further than this tutorial. It's got the goods.
Steps: 10


6You're Own iPod U2 Edition - You want an iPod I know you do! These things look great and if you're in need of a great personalized version look no further. You can make one of these and edit the colors and post'em up on your site.
Steps: 19


3Glass Header... OF NO RETURN! - A great glass header that you can make and stick up on your site. It'll make your parents proud. It's like a beautiful candy cake.

Steps: 25


4Good Glass... Cuz we all hate bad gas.... glass... - A 3 step tutorial to making all your glass surface images better. 3 steps can say a thousand words, glassy though they may be.
Steps: 3

image_ebayEbay Header - Shows you how to make your own version of the header found on the popular auction site ebay.com. I actually added a feature in the tutorial that ebay doesnt use. I made the navigation images a rollover. You don't HAVE to though.
Steps: 22

5Another great glassy header - Similar to the header I have this tutorial will give you a header that any website should be proud of.

Steps: 36

That is all the tutorials I have for now. I'll make sure to post more when I think of something that I know how to do really well. If you have any ideas you can post them on my forums or you can email me at Canadian87@gmail.com
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