Websites the most important thing on the internet. You probably visited one before you came here, and you'll probably visit another after you leave, if you leave. They can attract everyone's attention or make them say, "Who chose those colors!" and leave just as quickly as they came.

If you need a Website designed you've come to the right place, just head over to the contact section and drop me a line. Here are some examples of my work.
In no particular order as of yet.

A nice business template I've dubbed "Business Blue" it's graphics are done in Photoshop only. A nice template for any slightly formal company or individual. You must have some skill with photoshop to be able to edit the images to your liking. Mostly just text editing needs to be done.

Size: Less than 150kb including .html and .psd files
Cost: $50
Support: Free for 7-days after purchase.

An older work of mine I don't have the original .psd so it's just a cool example of what's possible even when formatting for even low resolutions.



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